How People Love
Episode 3
English How People Love
Kanji 人の愛し方
Romaji Hito no aishi-kata
Episode info
Air Date 18/7/2015
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The Mysteries of Pregnancy The Saying Goes.. Love Is Justice
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"How People Love" (人の愛し方 Hito no aishi-kata?) is the third episode of the Shimoneta anime adaptation. It first aired in Japan on 18th of July, 2015.


Saotome Otome happens to see Tanukichi’s true identity as a terrorist. Because of that, he is brought into the SM world as a threat. For that reason, Tanukichi, whose crotch is like a campfire volcano, completely did not notice that Anna was troubled by a stalker who has been secretly taking photos of her and sending letters to her. And so, he has a certain discussion with Otome..

Major EventsEdit






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