Hyouka Fuwa
Hyouka Fuwa
不破 氷菓
Fuwa Hyōka
 Gender Female
 Occupation Student Research Scientist
Voice actor

Mikaela Krantz (English) Saori Goto (Japanese)

 Anime episode 1
Hyouka Fuwa (不破 氷菓 Fuwa Hyōka?) is a character appearing in the Shimoneta series.


Hyouka Fuwa's main feature is her messy, green hair. This feature is complemented by her purple eyes and deep bags under her eyes. Her fashion consists of a long, white lab coat, but she has been know to wear her school uniform on occasion.


She is often very quiet and anti-social. It is also safe to assume that she spends most of her time in her laboratory, which is evidenced by her slender (almost starving) frame and deep bags under her eyes.



Hyouka Fuwa is a "aspiring" scientist when it comes to "body-melding" (sex). She wishes to unlock the secrets of "body-melding" and to do so she preforms studies such as watching flies mate, and constantly harassing the main protagonist with questions. Overall Hyouka is a restless yet calm character who will go through any trouble to reveal the secrets of "body-melding."


Details of Hyouka Fuwa's background are not known, however she stands out from the other students due to her role as an independent researcher at the high school and role in the outcome in certain plot points.





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